Sandra Masin: Representative Minnesota House District 52A
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This article was originally posted on 09-14-2012
MPR Poligraph Program Reviews Campaign Flyer

MPR's Poligraph program reviewed today the campaign flyer recently sent to households in Burnsville and Eagan. The flyer compares the legislative record of Sandra Masin and her Republican opponent.

The conclusion is simple - the flyer misleads voters to conclude something that is not right!

The Verdict

It's true that the state budget has recently shown a positive bottom line- about $1.3 billion to be exact. But the money is already spoken for, so Minnesota doesn't have a pot of unused money as the flier makes it sound. Further, the state is on track to have a $1.1 billion deficit next year.

The extra money was the result of lower state insurance spending, higher revenue and federal dollars.

As a result, this claim is misleading.

Meanwhile, Masin voted for a bonding bill that included money for the music library as well as numerous other bonding projects. Further, the library's cash was vetoed by Pawlenty.

The second claim on the GOP's flier is misleading because it lacks this important context.

On November 6, 2012 Election Day remember who

  • replied to your calls,
  • who responded to your emails,
  • who made and kept appointments with you when you came to her office in the capitol,
  • who told you the truth without misleading you

Remember all that and VOTE FOR SANDRA MASIN FOR REPRESENTATIVE in House District 51A!

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