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This article was originally posted on 05-09-2013

Here is a Press Release from Representative Sandra Masin about today's vote in the MN House:

Minnesota House of Representatives

Michael Howard
(612) 207-7396


ST. PAUL, MN - Today, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed the Marriage Equality Act, ensuring that same-sex couples have the freedom to marry the person they love. The historic vote passed on a vote of 75 to 59 with bipartisan support.

"Minnesota is a place where we treat others the way we'd like to be treated and today the golden rule is shining bright," said Speaker Paul Thissen. "All Minnesotans deserve the freedom to marry the person they love and we are proud to take this historic vote to ensure same-sex couples have that right."

"I remember playing with my mother's veil as a little girl, knowing even then marriage was special and something I wanted for myself. As an adult, I was free to make that choice. Today, we voted to make sure all Minnesotans have that same right," said House Majority Leader Erin Murphy. "Freedom is ringing in Minnesota with wedding bells for all Minnesotans who will soon be able to marry the person they love."

The bill author, Rep. Karen Clark (DFL - Minneapolis), has been a champion for marriage equality for decades at the State Capitol. She delivered the final remarks before the bill passed off the House floor:

"We are strengthening the meaning of marriage by opening it up to those that are committed to each other as a same sex couple," said Clark.

The Marriage Equality Act passes the Minnesota House after a two year journey in which Minnesotans have been engaged in a conversation about marriage equality.

This bill would allow civil marriages for all Minnesotans, like the kind you get at City Hall and protect religious freedoms for congregations or clergy who do not support same-sex marriage. The religious protections in the bill are widely considered to be the strongest of any state that has legalized same-sex marriage.

The Minnesota Senate is expected to vote on marriage equality on Monday, May Governor Dayton has signaled he would sign the bill into law, making Minnesota the 12th state in the country to recognize marriage equality.


Michael Howard
Communications Director
Minnesota House DFL Caucus
Phone: Office: (651) 296-4169 Cell: 612-207-7396
twitter: @mikehowardmn

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